FAIRS 2017


The year 2017 was a very successful year for the BF Group and also for BF Engineering GmbH.

Due to the global demand - especially in the Asian region - it is necessary to maintain an extensive network in the specific area of ​​the testing industry. The fair "Testing Expo" offers the perfect platform to meet old and new customers. The relaxed atmosphere outside of offices promotes partnerships and meanwhile also friendships. At the same time it is also a crucial opportunity to present the latest developments to the industry, as there are many decision makers around. The response during and after the fair was very good with the exception of Korea. While we have good existing business relationships in Korea, it has been difficult to engage with new customers, because unfortunately people did not like to speak English here. Therefore, next year we will not participate in Korea, but will only be represented by our Korean partner company. Instead we are planning for 2018 (January) for the first time a fair appearance in India (Chennai).

Our highlight this year was a 3D simulation of a solar simulation system with the HoloLens from Microsoft. State-of-the-art MR technology (Mixed Reality) projects holograms into the viewer's field of vision through glasses. Within a climate chamber, you can visualize the planned system from the CAD design and determine whether any space problems arise long before the system is actually built. The goggles represent the plant with millimeter accuracy and thus allow very realistic problem analysis. At the fair it was useful to reduce the solar simulation systems by voice to 35% of the original size. The arc movement was animated and represented fluent sunrise to sunset and astonished so many viewers. Our partner for this trend-setting technology is the MVI-Group in Munich. 

In addition BFE introduced a new CI this year to avoid confusion within the BF Group. We are currently working on the new homepage, but you can already see the new design in the following pictures of recent booths:

Testing Expo STUTTGART, June 2017




Testing Expo SHANGHAI, September 2017





Testing Expo DETROIT, October 2017





FAIRS 2018:



10-12. January

Chennai, India



5-8. June

Stuttgart, Germany



 25-27. September

Shanghai, China



23-25. October

Detroit, USA




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