About us

We are the people to speak to about technical lighting systems

BF Engineering is an innovative company specialising in the manufacture of lighting systems and irradiation equipment for test facilities. The portfolio includes solar simulation systems with global radiation, infrared and UV irradiation equipment, as well as lighting systems for high-speed applications such as in crash test facilities.

BF Engineering was founded in 2010 and is a medium-sized company based in Geretsried,  about 30 km south of Munich. BF Engineering employs a workforce of 40 in Geretsried and has been a recognised training organisation in the field of electrical engineering since 2019.

BF Engineering has successfully completed hundreds of solar simulation and irradiation systems and is valued worldwide as a reliable partner for test facility applications.

Our highly motivated employees can draw on years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and installation of solar simulation and irradiation systems. This experience combined with customer-focused, innovative and sustainable business practices is the basis for the success of our company.

All the design and development activities in the lighting, mechanical, electrical and control engineering fields are carried out entirely in-house as is our management, production and assembly.

Our well-trained commissioning and service team work closely with our customers all over the world to ensure the quality of our systems.

In January 2020, we opened our subsidiary in Shanghai so that we could provide optimum and effective sales and customer service support to our many customers in the Asiatic region through a local presence.

Code of conduct

Our values

The BF Engineering code of conduct defines the ethical standards upon which we base our conduct.
Our aim is to ensure honesty, fairness and mutual respect in our dealings with colleagues and business partners.
The code applies to all business activities of BF Engineering and takes into account the many different cultures and values of our employees. Impeccable and responsible action by each individual employee is essential to preserve the reputation of our company. The code of conduct is binding on all employees.

Solicitation or acceptance of benefits

All decisions in the company are made free of any personal interest and exclusively based on the company’s objectives.

In order to preserve the independence of our employees, they may not demand gifts, personal services or favours from business partners. Employees of BF Engineering are generally forbidden from accepting benefits from business partners that prejudice a fair and objective decision.
If suppliers attempt to influence the decisions of BF Engineering employees in this way by offering them unjustifiable benefits, the business relationship with the supplier involved shall be sanctioned or ended.

BF Engineering employees are absolutely forbidden from offering, promising or granting business partners unjustifiable benefits that could be construed as wishing to bribe the business partner in order to obtain benefits for BF Engineering from this action.

Equality, fairness and respect

BF Engineering does not allow any form of discrimination, harassment or injustice within the company.

Recruitment is based on fair recruitment practices and equal treatment of applicants. Career advancement at BF Engineering is based exclusively on ability and performance
BF Engineering is committed to equal opportunities, fairness and observance of anti-discrimination legislation within the company.

BF Engineering respects human rights and promotes their observance and recognises in particular that the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights shall be considered fundamental and universally applicable.
BF Engineering rejects any kind of forced or child labour within the company or within our business partners. We promote a working culture that allows for diversity. Differences between employees are valued and respected. Discrimination, harassment or intimidation of any kind on the basis of race, gender, skin colour, nationality, religion, age, civil status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status or physical handicap is forbidden because they contradict the objective of respectful and fair treatment of each other. Any kind of physical or mental abuse is condemned in the strongest possible terms.

BF Engineering investigates all reports of harassment or discrimination and takes appropriate measures within the scope of the local legal provisions.

BF Engineering recognises that the right to adequate compensation extends to all employees. Remuneration and other benefits comply with the relevant national and local legal standards.

Safety at the workplace

The safety of employees at the workplace is of the highest priority at BF Engineering. All international and location-specific safety requirements and the relevant national working time regulations are complied with.

BF Engineering is committed to continuous further development towards improvement of the working environment.

In order to discharge our responsibilities towards employees and business partners, the use of legally prohibited substances is forbidden in the company. A strict alcohol ban applies at the workplace.

Protection of the environment and climate

Sustainable protection of the environment and climate and the careful use of natural resources are important corporate objectives for BF Engineering. Managers and employees of BF Engineering ensure compliance with the law and our own high standards.
Every employee is therefore responsible for using natural resources carefully and contributing by his or her individual conduct to the protection of the environment and climate.