Solar simulation

Design and configuration of solar simulation systems

Global radiation

Simulating natural sunlight with global radiation

Solar simulation systems with global radiation are designed to simulate natural sunlight in accordance with CIE 20 and CIE 85 table 4. Our portfolio includes components, equipment and systems for solar simulation in test facilities in the automotive, military, aerospace, railway, photovoltaic, material research and building material industries. Our equipment and systems are well known for their reproducibility performance and precise test results.

As a leading company in the field of solar simulation, we supply solutions for all requirements and applications:

  • Equipment for fulfilling national and international regulations and works standards, such as DIN 75220, VDA 230-219, MIL-STD 810, SC03-Test, IEC 68, IEC 61215, IEC 60904-9
  • Standard equipment with extensive options and short delivery times
  • Made-to-order equipment to satisfy customer-specific requirements
  • New developments and special equipment
  • Solar simulation equipment for special test facilities and ambient conditions, such as wind tunnels, climate chambers, acoustic test facilities, high-pressure and vacuum chambers etc.
  • Motorised applications, such as height adjustment, bonnet and boot irradiation, tunnel and cloud simulation
  • Automated process systems for special lighting scenarios, such as simulating the course of the sun, azimuth and elevation angle setting etc.
  • User-optimised irradiation equipment with fully automatic vehicle type recognition
  • Software packet with extensive functionalities for solar simulation applications
  • Large selection of accessories, such as sensors, automatic instrumentation systems, protective clothing, spectral filters etc.

IR systems

IR irradiation equipment and systems

Irradiation systems with infrared light are used in test facility applications where a high heat input needs to be applied to the object under test. Our portfolio includes a large range of different types and applications of IR systems. From simple irradiation modules to highly complex irradiation systems.

Our standard systems with IR irradiation have already been used successfully in a great many test facility applications all over the world. Quality in application and manufacture, reproducibility and long service life of the components are our top priorities here. We offer you innovative solutions configured and designed by our experienced design and development team to meet the wishes of the customer.

Our IR irradiation systems are equipped with user-optimised control software


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